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Wired Magazine Mad Max Meets Cannonball Run in Alt-Fuel Race to Vegas

Wayne Keith is headed to Las Vegas in an old Dodge pickup that runs on, of all things, wood. He gets about 1.6 mpp (that’s...

October 8, 2008

There’s a wood gasification sensation in Alabama, where Wayne Keith hasn’t used more than a few gallons of gasoline since 2004, thus saving about $40,000.

Back in 2004, Wayne Keith drew a...

Richard Freudenberger April/May 2012
WNDU News Pickup runs on wood

A lot of people complain about the high price of gasoline but Ron Lemler did something about it.

The Marshall County man built a hybrid vehicle—that runs on wood.

“I don’t...

Mark Peterson June 2, 2011
WSFA News Alabama Cattle Farmer Goes 'Green'

MONTGOMERY, AL - Going green in a really green Dodge pickup truck. The man behind the color is Wayne Keith, an Alabama cattleman, trucking along...

Bryan Henry August 4, 2008
KSPR News Man from Humansville ditches high gas prices for truck that runs on wood

HUMANSVILLE, Mo. -- Forget paying high gas prices. One man here found a way to save gas money by...

Sheena Elzie April 12, 2013
The Gadsden Times Trucks that burn alternative fuels on display

Three trucks, each powered by different fuels other than straight gasoline, were on display Friday in the parking lot in front of Tractor...

John Davidson March 29, 2013
The Daily Advocate Area man beating gas prices

GREENVILLE - A young, rural Greenville man has come up with an innovative way to utilize an alternative fuel to power an older Ford pick-up truck he bought.


Linda Moody November 19, 2012
Fountain County Neighbor Put another log in the Dodge?

Fountain County man's truck runs on 'wood gas'

The science behind it is a bit complicated, but according to Richard Cooper, converting his 1998 Dodge Dakota to run on...

Rebecca Congleton October 30, 2012
Hardwood Matters Magazine Wood Gas

One Man’s Journey In Powering Trucks With Renewable, Natural Resources

With gas prices currently pushing around $4.00 per gallon throughout the country, an Alabama man is utilizing the renewable...

Crystal Oldham August 2012
New York Times Race Starts With Little Fuel, and Goes Uphill From There

BERKELEY, Calif. — It is a classic road rally, 600 miles from the liberal embrace of Berkeley to the anything-goes lights...

Jesse McKinley October 12, 2008